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Dear fans of cold-blooded horses.


My name is Vladimír Hajtmar and I have been working with cold-blooded horses since my youth. Since 1992 I have been operating a carriage and skidding business based in Dubicko, Šumperk district.

pict0016.jpgThe main object of my activity is the approach of wood by horses. Since I am also a self-employed farmer, I try to make maximum use of horsepower when working in the field. After all, the horse has belonged to the field since time immemorial, and nowadays, when fuel prices rise to dizzying heights on smaller units could have its application again. Even from an ecological point of view, the horse is more environmentally friendly than heavy equipment.


Another of my activities is carriage-driving a carriage at various events and I also run a stallion admission station.


For the offer and use of horses visit the next site.

We are also happy to welcome those who want to see or try working with cold-blooded horses.


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